The Tiffany & Tarot Podcast

Welcome to The Tiffany & Tarot Podcast! Here, we explore the wonderful world of Cartomancy and Divination and all things mystical and psychic! Want to learn more about Tarot or Lenormand? Or just the Intuitive Arts in general? Then this is the tarot podcast for you! I can’t wait to share all this sparkly goodness with you! Join me!

Episode #1

Introduction to the Tarot and Lenormand- What is the Difference? The Tiffany & Tarot Podcast

Do you love all things mystical? Curious about Cartomancy and Divination? Ever wondered about learning Tarot? In this first episode, I briefly introduce myself as a professional reader and cover some interesting beginner's info about the vastly popular Tarot and Lenormand decks and their amazing differences, yet wonderfully complimentary natures.