Hello, and welcome to my Psychic Tarot Blog that hopes to cheer you up with recipes from the heart and soul and the metaphysical reflection or two, to help you make sense of our crazy modern world, and to boost up your ‘best intuitive life’ in these challenging

All I ask of you, is to bring an open mind and a sense of curiosity as we delve together into the mystical and the delicious, in a fun, light-hearted and (hopefully) inspirational time well spent! So pull up a chair, and grab something freshly baked and sprinkled, and while the tea is brewing, I’ll pull an oracle card or two for you, and we’ll get this quirky psychic tea party started! Sounds good? Ok, let’s begin!

My name is Tiffany and I am first and foremost a Professional Tarot Reader. I use the Tarot cards and Lenormand decks to bring balance and certainty to my clients, through one-on-one consultations and fun, enlightening parties.

I am also a very dedicated and passionate, self-taught home baker and have pushed my baking skills up a few notches these past 5 years. I’ve dabbled in lovely layer cakes, piping skills, pastry making from scratch and a whole other kaleidoscope of baked goodies I wanted to master.

I suppose that is where this story begins. Since my Uni days all I wanted was to merge my two passions together, and I had crazy dreams of opening a metaphysical cafe, a place of wafting cinnamon cookies in the air, buttercream crowned cupcakes beckoning from a vintage glass case and in a parlour style private booth my customers would have their authentic and intuitive psychic readings, between sips of sweet artisan tea in fine china. Then, they would leave my establishment feeling empowered, positive and well fed on scrumptious, lovingly prepared baked fancies…

Fast forward to the present, I contemplated the idea of offering this virtually, to help you perhaps make your own metaphysical and delicious oasis in the comfort of your own home with friends or family, or perhaps just to offer you a new coveted recipe for your kitchen treasure box, or a new hobby in fortune-telling! Hence, this quirky and whimsical blog was born. Take from it what you like, all of it or just some, I would be just blissfully happy that you got a gem or two from my ponderings and humble offerings here, but most of all I hope you enjoy it!

I am a Certified Tarot/Lenormand Intuitive and have been reading the cards professionally since 2005.I am a Claircognizant, Clairsentient and a Clairaudient, Psychic Medium. I follow my Guides guidance and use the cards to help my clients find clarity.

This space is designed to be an inspirational and supportive platform, with helpful and insightful content, for my clients and other aspiring readers/bakers or the metaphysically or culinary curious!

Take a look around, and enjoy yourself!

‘Life is as Magical as we make It!’

If you would like a reading with myself or you are curious to find out more, or have feedback on a recipe please contact me by email.

Brightest Blessings in crumbs and fortunes, Tiffany.