Musings on Spiritual Self Care, During Tough Times..

Now more than ever, it’s sooo very important to nurture yourself when you get the chance, and this week’s blog post is all about ‘Spiritual Self Care!’ In an already hectic world, if you resonate being a spiritual, lightworker, empath, or intuitive person, this is such a huge subject, especially now as we all face together an unusual new world, filled with new challenges and circumstances that may be with us for a long time yet! People are becoming more drawn to spirituality right now more than ever. They want to learn more deeply about themselves and are actively seeking out new ways to remain more whole, balanced and happy. Some are called to energy healing, crystal work, divination, meditation, manifestation, yoga and other holistic practices and there are many more paths of wellness you can embrace right now to strengthen your body, mind and spirit. Also, if you are in these fields or similar, professionally, you need Self Care even more during this tumultuous phase, so you can be a beacon of hope and positivity for others around you.

In my own life, this is very much the theme right now for my family and myself. As a new parent, the stakes to keep in alignment with myself have never been higher or more important. Being a Mum of a 10-month old, a supportive and loving Wife, an Intuitive/Psychic Professional and (let’s face it, housekeeper extraordinaire!) is not easy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Still, Self Care is something that seems on some days, to be the impossible dream!

But, it’s definitely time for a change and a new coveted Daily Spiritual Practice, is my new jam, so come and join in the fun, and let’s focus on our ‘new best life’ together!

A Sacred Space..

It all begins with a place of your own. And yes, admittedly sometimes this can be logistically impossible (if you live in a small house, apartment, or sharehouse this can be VERY challenging!). I had this problem for many years, and it’s only now that I have my own ‘spiritual grotto’ so I can sympathise, but, there are ways around it, so bear with me.

It doesn’t need to be much…

The Japanese people are such an innovative bunch, they wholeheartedly embrace the “multi-purpose space” exceptionally well, and if space is an issue for you, (as it very much is an issue in that country) then I suggest you embrace this ethos, until you can have a more dedicated environment for your spiritual practice.

If you can throw a favourite cushion on the floor to meditate, while everyone else is still asleep, then that’s your space, if you are a yoga nut, all you need is a bit of floor and your mat, even your garden could be amazing to workout in! For me, I am a Tarot Reader, so for years I used a foldable card table in my bedroom, and that served its purpose beautifully, it was also great to take away to markets and Psychic Fairs, too!

Whatever is available to you, the secret of a beautiful Sacred Space is actually in the word ‘Sacred’, not so much in the ‘Space’. What I mean by that is that it becomes sacred to you, and when you are in that process of Self Care, nurturing your soul, it’s important to make it as special as possible. This is so you can block out your day to day life, and hit the pause button, for the time you have set aside for yourself. This is where the art of creating a ritualized environment around your Self Care practice becomes so important. It signals to your subconscious and your conscious mind that it’s now time for YOU.

Energetically speaking, it also lifts the vibration of your space so that you can dedicate yourself to the moment in peace and tranquillity, this is especially important if you are doing your practise in a multi-purpose area, because you don’t want any unwanted energetic dross hijacking your experience. For example, if there were recent arguments occuring there or unsavoury people within the area, you don’t want to take on that energy yourself, so it’s important to ritualize and even cleanse the energy, if possible, before you attempt your Self Care work.

Create a Ritual..cleanse your area..

So how do I ritualize and cleanse? Very simple!

You don’t have to have a crazy amount of tools to make your space sacred. Here’s a list of what I use and mix up on occasions, depending on my mood, time constraints or what I feel I need energetically at the time.

  • Candles (I love white, naturally scented, 100% soy candles as they are more pure and don’t contain any toxic nasties- who wants to breathe that rubblish in, after all this is about Self-Care! Fire is also a cleansing elemental energy and neutralizes negativity, so is energetically cleansing).
  • Incense (I love Sandalwood, Dragon’s Blood, Nag Champa, and Palo Santo for cleansings and rituals or readings)
  • Sage Bunches or Palo Santo wood pieces (for heavy duty space smoke clearings/smudging rituals)
  • Crystals (great if your Sacred Space can’t have lighted candles or incense for safety/health reasons- they can energetically lift an area, too!)
  • Intuitive Art or Inspiring Images/Figurines (these help remind me that I am linked to Spirit, and help shift my focus to the Divine)
  • Salt Lamps (I do have one of these, and they are brilliant for shifting energy in a space, but I am mindful to pack it away after use, as I have a cat and they can be attracted to lick them, which can be deadly for them, so cat owners- just be mindful!)
  • Music or Singing Bowls (Music is great if you can’t have open flames or incense blowing around your house or room, use music that soothes or inspires, meditation/spa background music is perfect if you don’t know where to start. Music is a vibrational sound frequency, so lifts the energetic atmosphere of your space. Singing Bowls are one of the best tools out there to cleanse a room/home, can be great to clear Crystals as well. They can be pricey but a small one shouldn’t set you back too much and are well worth the investment).
  • Diffusers/Aromatherapy (These can be cheaper or be quite expensive, depending on what your needs are, but always use 100% essential oils for cleansing purposes. Lavender essential oil is a good start and is cheaper than many others, but do your research to find a reputable supplier/brand).

These are just a few of the main tools that you can use, but it’s more about using what works and speaks to you. Feel free to experiment with them, and enjoy growing your Spiritual Practices and Self Care to include them, or not, depending on how you see fit!

Self Care Inspiration..

So what ARE some of the things you can actually do to increase your Self Care? As long as it replenishes and rebalances your body, mind or spirit it’s regarded as Self Care these days. Some interesting ideas to get you started are:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Listening to an uplifting motivational speaker or podcast
  • Affirmations
  • Ritual or Spellwork
  • Divination or Cartomancy reading
  • A workout
  • A walk in Nature or other activities outside
  • A relaxing bath ritual, (with candles and bath salts)
  • Reading an inspirational book
  • Crystal work, crystal griddingReiki or energy healing
  • Tai Chi
  • Journalling
  • Massage
  • Channeling or Mediumship work
  • An at home spa treatment
  • Creative writing
  • Prayer or communion with a deity

Hopefully that’s enough to get you started on looking after yourself more, in a more conscious way, but again, feel free to take what works for you and your lifestyles and beliefs/goals.

The idea of Self Care is making it personal to you, to help you find some peace and tranquillity in your life. That’s what makes it so valuable and important to do! I hope this little discussion today helps you find some solace and insightful inspiration, and I’d love to hear about what your Self Care practice is, and what you think you might ficus on, if this practice is something that speaks to you! So let me know in the comments!

Brightest Blessings in crumbs and fortunes,

Tiffany xx

Card of the Week..

What do we need to know this week to bring forth more Self Care into our Lives?

The Merlin- From the Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Deck

Self Care is available to us all right now, more than ever. In the context of the question, this card reveals that we already have all that is necessary for Self Care right at our fingertips, and the hardest part is recognising that this is available to us, all we need to do is embrace it!

According to the card, Balance is key to making this a reality, and we’ll find the answers that we seek for self-healing not through force but through gentle inner work, like meditation and prayer- being in a state of receiving and contemplation with Spirit.

Sometimes we have to believe in the magick of ourselves and Merlin encourages us to find this magick, for it is us who hold the mysteries of our own inspiration and guidance, deep inside us. All we have to do is listen within.

Merlin gently encourages us to get more rest and perhaps not to ‘try so hard’ or overthink things during this time, allowing space for our souls to find us once again.

I hope that this helps you to find some more personal time this week and I look forward to sharing with you again soon! Much love and blessings! xx

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