Why I fell in love with Tarot, and how you might, too!

Tarot is everything to me. Throughout the years, it’s been the best friend I always wished I’d had. It first burst into my life in 2005, (whoa that’s 15 years ago now, I feel so old!) and I have been smitten ever since. I joined The Tarot Guild of Australia soon after, and found my first spiritual teacher. I diligently and eagerly, completed certification course after course in my spare time, between my very demanding Fashion Design Degree, and it quickly became the calm oasis in my busy world of chaos, that were my twenties.

It was the only thing that consistently made me feel happy, like I had come home. Tarot was there during relationship highs and lows, falling in and out of love, when I bravely traveled across Europe thousands of miles from home, during very dark days and traumatic events in my Life, it was always there. And it never judged me, never got tired of me, and always made my heart light again when I would shuffle that little deck of cards. Tarot has filled my Life with a sense of Magick and possibility every day. That’s what I love about it.

A Calling..

As I grew more experienced in my reading skills, I found the ecstatic joy of being able to help others, too. I helped my family in their lives and difficult choices. Next, I began to help work colleagues and friends. It wasn’t long before I began to daydream of becoming a Professional reader, and to my surprise, slowly and gradually over the years, somehow it just happened. Career path aspirations and other false dreams of mine eventually fell away and turned to dust, distilling back to what was always consistently there for me, my Tarot cards. My true North.

Sometimes the thing you longingly search for in Life, is unknowingly the thing that finds you..and has always been there- quietly waiting for you to realize it. That’s what it was like for me, anyway. It took me almost two decades, to figure that Life Lesson out! So, if this resonates somewhat with you, you’re very welcome!

Why am I sharing this with all of you? Because you might be exactly like me. And if you are, I’m here to tell you, that it’s going to be okay. You’re most likely already on your right Life path, and even if it feels like you’re not, something somewhere, in you is working towards it, even if on the outside you’re feeling lost and as if you are going nowhere. So, be patient with yourself. You’re highest self knows what is best for you, even if you don’t yet. 😉

Tarot has also opened up other passions for me along the way, leading me to Lenormand Cartomancy, Psychic Development and Mediumship, to name just a few..

Although I studied Magick, other Divinations, Palmistry and Crystals in my early childhood and teens, it was Tarot that pushed me out into the world and out of the closet as a Magical Practitioner and Psychic. It taught me to embrace my authentic self. Something that I only used to dream about- having my own magickal place in the world.

Hopes & Dreams..

My hope in offering this humble blog and all of its magickal goodness to you, is the same sense of freedom for you, in your life. I have been blessed with these gifts, and now after 15+ years of passionate study and experience, it is time for me to give back and hopefully inspire a new generation of intuitively gifted people. It is my heartfelt wish to give you a place where you feel you belong.

In our current world climate, I feel that this couldn’t be more essential. Modern Science is finally beginning to embrace the Metaphysical, through Quantum Physics and recent developments in Neuroscience and recognizing the progressive works of Nikola Tesla to name just a few areas of modern interest.

People are becoming more increasingly aware and interested in the esoteric and the spiritual. We are collectively becoming more conscious and are now seeking out more aligned spiritual ways of living and coexisting, in our new world. Whether it’s our natural evolution, or it is due to global events and worldwide pandemics or the “Harry Potter generation” growing up to become the “Spiritual AF generation”, people have never before been so increasingly obsessed with discovering more about themselves and the mysteries of Life itself, and the Universe around us.

This is a very exciting time to live in for those metaphysically-minded, with more coveted information at our fingertips than ever before. Myself, I grew up in “The Craft/Charmed generation” when Wicca and the Gothic lifestyle was booming and everyone was calling themselves a ‘White Witch’! But some of us back then took it a LOT more seriously than others, and I began reading up on the Otherworld and Psychic Arts, way back before that, (at about 10 years of age) even before it was cool.

During my teens and early adult life, you could only get quality information on Tarot and Witchcraft by haunting your local metaphysical bookshop (which was about an hour’s train ride away, I might add), magazines or basic chat forums/websites online, this predated Facebook and the myriad websites we have today. If you DID find one or two newage websites, they were very primitive in those early Internet days, and would take you ages to find something in their archives. That was what it was like, unless you were lucky enough to have a crazy hippie Auntie or something, to teach you or you were from a family of mystics and you grew up with it. And I didn’t have either of those.

These days, we have so many amazing sources for the newly enlightened available. From blogs like this one, ebooks, ecourses, podcasts (hint: check mine out x), clubs, online study groups, facebook gurus, psychic festivals, tv shows, you name it, it exists, so why should you follow me and what do I bring to the Tarot table? (yes, pun intended).

A note on Authenticity..

First of all, I genuinely want to be of service, yes I am a Professional Tarot Reader, and offer readings as my bread and butter business- but more than that, there is just sooo much info out there it’s now a question of quality vs. quantity. Also, I don’t just run a business website, with electronic content and flashy lead pages, I offer knowledge, and years of experience. Also, most importantly, I actually read the cards…and actually offer readings to real clients. And I always will.

This mightn’t sound important, but hear me out. Truth Time: A lot of ‘so-called experts’ offering e-courses and the like, do not take on clients anymore…they are more like marketing/SEO wizards and focus more on their content then flipping cards and trying to ‘actually help’ people.. so my advice is to those trying to learn the Tarot, or any other divinatory system for that matter, you’ll do yourself a favour if you get your information from someone who is actually still practising readings. You want someone teaching you information that is relevant and within context in the real world…anyone can complete a course online, but reading the cards for a physical person is a whole different ball game, so that’s my little rant, but believe me when I say the Professionals in this field are the ones you want to teach you. You’ll be ahead of the pack, if you do your research, like anything else!

There are more things like ethics too, but I’ll leave that for another post- I’ve probably bored you senseless for long enough! Anyway, I hope that I’ve shed a little more light on the world of Tarot and all the things it can bring to your life, as well as some helpful advice on how to embark on your Tarot journey in our technological age, with some sage advice, from someone who has gone through all the troubleshooting for you, so you don’t have to!

And, for putting up with my ‘Crazy Tarot Chick’ digressions here’s a complimentary offering- as promised!

Below is a cute little Tarot Printable gem I created for you all, to help you rock your ‘Card A Day’ ritual that a lot of readers use every day, to bring Tarot into their daily lives. Just pull your ‘Card of the Day’ and have fun with this gift!

Feel free to download, print, use for your own personal use, you can even fill it out digitally and store them on your PC, if you prefer to journal, electronically! The choice is yours, there are sweet little daily prompts that I added to keep you vibin’ high throughout your day, too! (P.S. There are 2 pages!) Lastly, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did in making it! Just click on the link below the pic to make it yours! Enjoy! 💜

If you loved this post, the printable, or just my crazy ponderings, please let me know! I would love to hear how I can bring more juicy woo-woo to you all!

Brightest Blessings in crumbs and fortunes,

Tiffany x

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