Candied Pecan Crunch Banana Bread and Weekly Reading!

Let’s Loaf Around!… It’s high time for some comfort and a lil’ warm something something from the oven! It’s winter here in Melbourne, and mornings (and nights) can be frosty! Plus a Stage 4 lock-down makes it very hard to motivate oneself to face the day, but a toasty slice of this warm banana bread […]

Something Nice-A Slice! And Weekly Reading!

Okay, today I have a quirky little recipe for your snacking pleasure, it’s a nostalgic one for me, one from my childhood- many moons ago! But, I felt it needed a bit of love, so I have pimped it up to make it ‘extra’ for you (isn’t that what the cool kids say now?) This […]

Devonshire Tea and the Divine..

Truth time! I want to be a ‘Lil bit fancy! I don’t know about y’all, but Lock-down isolation has me longing for those forbidden Devonshire Teas, the Chantilly Cream and French Raspberry Jam-type High Teas. The bottomless tea cups of steamy amber delight. And, need I say it, Classic Perfect Scones. I want Classic, buttery, […]

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