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Hello, and welcome to my Psychic Tarot Blog that hopes to cheer you up with recipes from the heart and soul and the metaphysical reflection or two, to help you make sense of our crazy modern world, and to boost up your ‘best intuitive life’ in these challenging times.

This Psychic Tarot Blog is my little corner of the world. Here, I share with you my life as a Professional Psychic Tarot Reader and Medium. I also offer handcrafted recipes from the heart.

I give a collective Intuitive Card Reading with almost every blog post, and little gems of the Psychic World and Divination along the way. Baking and the Intuitive Arts are my two life passions. I hope to share both, in this quirky little blog of mine! If Tarot, Oracle cards, Divination and piping buttercream are your jam, then I am your girl!

I am also available for online Psychic Readings, so if you have a burning question and need some insight into your Life’s direction, just hit the link above! I look forward to sharing my magical world with you!

Brightest Blessings in crumbs and fortunes!

Tiffany x

Musings on Spiritual Self Care, During Tough Times..

Now more than ever, it’s sooo very important to nurture yourself when you get the chance, and this week’s blog post is all about ‘Spiritual Self Care!’ In an already hectic world, if you resonate being a spiritual, lightworker, empath, or intuitive person, this is such a huge subject, especially now as we all face […]

Why I fell in love with Tarot, and how you might, too!

Tarot is everything to me. Throughout the years, it’s been the best friend I always wished I’d had. It first burst into my life in 2005, (whoa that’s 15 years ago now, I feel so old!) and I have been smitten ever since. I joined The Tarot Guild of Australia soon after, and found my […]

Honey Lemon Bundt Cake

Here’s a gorgey Bundt Cake recipe for your sweetooth! I pulled out all the stops this week for you my lovelies, and decided to tackle a proper ‘Bundt’ cake, and this recipe doesn’t disappoint! It’s the perfect teatime treat and goes great with a cuppa, IMHO (in my honest opinion)! This Bundt cake recipe has […]

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